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when designing the look and the feel of gardens and landscaping. Yards should be relaxing retreat when all the appropriate elements are brought together. According to the experts, objects & elements of Good garden design and landscapes are :

Lighting: Adding lights and lighting systems enhances garden enjoyment especially into the later hours, at summer time. Light fixtures adds delight effects, also front lighting highlights a dark area. Side lighting provides safety along dark side ways.

Texture: Usually minimizes architectural lines or contrast plants in groups by evoking an emotional response.

Plants: Form or Shape of plants in various design, divide space and enclosed areas, adds definition and stability, offers a sense of security and completeness.

Scale:  The size is most considerable, before planting anything. It looks awkward if larger than home , consequently out of place.

Pattern: Sense of Rhythm, and charm, by enhancing contrast and texture to draw attention to the specific area. 

Balance: Achieved when all elements are equal. It places central reference point so that eyes are drawn to the garden as a whole. 

Unity: Good structure that includes balance and simplicity creates a great setting for you to enjoy the elements of nature. 

Contrast: Avoid predictability by adding tension between the elements. Variety of Colored Flowers creates contrast 

Color: Subtle balance of different colors can reflect the seasons, creates a pleasant effect on the eye or mind.

Rhythm & Variety: Creates by use of line or repetition. Even the simplest element can make a significant difference. offers inspiring Garden Elements, vintage & modern garden sculptures (Verdigris) Crane, plates, in/outdoor planters, object d' arts of brass & bronze, door knobs, , candle sticks and the list goes on :) we refresh our inventory just about every day, providing something for every tastes and budgets, so keep on visiting us ...

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