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Henri Ottevaere (1870-1944) Brussels Belgium

nazanin katouzian 1870-1944 Belgian Artist Drawing & Watercolor Henri Ottevaere Landscape Listed Arts Signature Art

Henri Ottevaere, a 20th Century artist, illustrator was born April 2, 1870 , in Brussels and died in 1944. His father was a farmer. A creator of Mariners and Landscape painting, also portrait, seascape, and still life, as well as figure.

An impressionist, Student, under the direction of Jean Francois Portaels at the " Academies de Beaux Arts" in Brussels. Artistic Circle member of " Pour L' Art".

Upon his trips to Holland, England & South of France, also Italy, he became Director of Art School of Saint -Josse - ten- Node.

Exhibited in Paris, indulging the Societe Nationale de Beaux Art's. In 1888, he received a bronze medal at the 1900 world exposition. Henri Ottevaere, Participated in circles " Pour L' Art" from 1893 to 1896 in the "Salon de La Rose Croix". He represented in the Charlier Museum (Saint - Josse- ten-Node).  

Henri Ottevaere was also a student of the free Academy " The Paw Turkey". He made his debut under the influence of Symbolism and learned impressionism later. He lived and worked among other artists of France , Italy, Netherlands and England. In 1897 he became a professor at the Academy of St. Saint John, three years prior to becoming a member of the Circle for the Art in Brussels. 

His time as a painter, was a preference for landscapes (the Ardennes, near Namur in the Condroz region) 

The Information extracted from notable galleries across the Globe, School of Arts of Belgium, also prominent auction houses. Impressive auction records and purchase realizations. represents one of Henri Ottevaere oil on board with hand written name on the reverse, also his symbolic signature on the very lower right corner. The painting has Original Wood Frame, from the period with slight gilding. In excellent condition, and on sale ! 


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