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John Rocha Waterford Designer of Black Cut Collection

nazanin katouzian Black Cut Collection Collectible Decor Designer Unique Finds Glass John Rocha Signature Art Waterford Crystal

Born in Hong Kong, Ireland based designer, also a jewelry designer, moved to Ireland after graduated from London Croydon School of Art, and was hired by Waterford, working with them since 1997. He is known for his fantastic stemware, gift ware, lighting and interiors creative collection. Recipient of English Designer of the Year British Fashion Award in 1993.  Rocha established himself with his Chinatown label in Dublin on the 1980's. He designed clothing for men & women in the Irish High Street Stores. His signature brand John Rocha jeans and John Rocha Jewelry. He was discovered at Waterford as Artist's Fascination with Light, Texture & Techniques. This candle holder from " Black Cut Collection ".

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