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Visions & Vignette

A Signed Dalmatian Lifesize Ceramic Dog

My interest in antiques, arts, and collectibles began when i was at elementary school in 60's. On a frequent basis, i used to visit antique shops and inspiring homes with my aunt. I was mesmerized by the wealth of antiques, furniture, ceramics, glass, silver, carpets, rugs, jewelries and paintings or prints. My interest grew when i became older in high school. I began to collect miniature boxes, costume jewelries, perfume bottles, and all sorts of attractive objects with my allowances. My beautiful Aunt was my inspiration & consultant. Names on the objects fascinated me. I began to find out more about the objects I collect. My fascination with fashion, various designer sun glasses, hand bags, clothing, to match with my jewelries was out of control. Arts, fine or folk was inspiring. When I met the love of my life, " my husband " in 1970's, with the same interests as mine, we started a journey of discovery that continues today.  We developed love for curating and collecting from visiting flea markets around the world as well as antique stores, expanded to sell to all enthusiasts around the Globe.

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