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Carefree Interiors

Nautical Seashells Hand Soldered Caps Glass Bottles Marked USA

$ 200.00 $ 250.00

Not a pair but Two charming vintage natural seashells soldered on vintage glass bottles in different shapes and forms. The appearance is fabulous. No evidence of any imperfections expect aging variation. Foggy clear light blue, and dark brown see through. One shell is a bit larger than the other. Both bottles are marked in relief, noted on the images. Light blue bottle measures 7" H. x 2" base. The shell is about 4". The bottle has mark on the waist and indicated Patented MCH 68, and on the bottom Cross lines B1 - BY - 3 - B & the brown bottle has scripted Lysol in relief on the bottle, base indicated Lysol Bloomfield N.J. Incorporated. Bottle Made in U.S.A.  Decorative, collectible, meaningful, Nautical.  






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