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J T Parry AP IDWAL Marine Landscape Signed Painting On Slab Dated 1899


J.T. Parry, circa 1899 museum quality painting on slab. Impressionist, landscape, sea, castle, Britain mountain.. signed JOHN T PARRY , J T Parry AP IDWAL. John Thomas Parry, known in Wales. Generally in very good condition, with few distressed, wear & may need a visit to professional. By communicating with G/G/G grand daughter, we discovered the artist's painting is in prominent museums around the world, born on 28 June 1853 Chwgrel Goch, Landegai, Carnarvon, Wales, Died on 21 March 1913, Workhouse Infirmary Bangor, Carnarvon, Wales. The Cause of death Cerebral Thrombosis, is consistent with the story that he died after a fall, while climbing Mt Snowdon, i.e. he probably had a head injury which would have led to the Cerebral Thrombosis. His art is now in National Library of Wales (" Mount" Idwal sunset). known for Slab paintings. Se also believes that Lord Penrhyn paid for Mr. John Thomas Parry's art training in Wales. This will make a super impressive table Top.

Square Design 20" Diameter, and about 2" Thickness. 

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