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Art Deco Telechron Propeller Plug In Mahogany Decorative Clock

$ 200.00

Telechron is the name of U.S. Company that manufactured electric clocks, between 1912, and 1992. From about 1918 and 1927, A Telechron Mahogany Wood Propeller Electric Plug In Mantle Clock is in fabulous originality, and is aged. Primitive metal dial, white, golden, black numbers, and hands. Mark is indicated in fine prints, Warren Telechron Co. Ashland MA. USA. Electric original cord. The clock is examined recently and is in perfect working condition. Overall in excellent condition.

The approximate measuring 32" long, and about 6.5" h. 

Did you know telechron is derived from The Greek words tele means far off and chronos " Time" (refers to the transmission of time over long distance).

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