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designer unique finds explores world treasures in a rich cultural heritage

Designer Unique Finds powered by Carefree Interiors, est. 1997

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Designer Unique Finds, the Southern California based firm, is known for its nostalgic modern interiors. our experienced design team shows expertise in collecting, assisting clients to find their desired object d' arts. with a variety of carefully hand picked finds, accessories, and fine art,  to furnish their home, garden, and place of choice.  with the highest standard of delivery service from Newport Beach, CA 92660. 

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Fine Art

A C Bradley Impressionism Plein Air Oil On Canvas - Designer Unique Finds 
 - 3
A Giannelli Volterra David Signed Alabaster Bust Copyrighted
Sold Out Asian Kiss Terracotta Romantic Sculpture Carved Signature Stamps - Designer Unique Finds 
 - 1
A Montoya Spanish Still Life Fruits Oil On Canvas - Designer Unique Finds 
 - 1
Needlework Sampler By Jane Preston With Provenance Circa 1700 - Designer Unique Finds 
 - 1
Abstract Black And White Drawing Guache Signed Woolfe Titled Rania
Abstract Bronze Folk Art Carved Rooster Marble Base
Sold Out Abstract Folk Modern Art Oil On Canvas Gilt Wood Frame - Designer Unique Finds
Attributed Matisse Abstract Portrait Print Line Drawing - Designer Unique Finds 
 - 4
Sale Dino Martens Murano Black Glass Vase Abstract Gold Inclusion - Designer Unique Finds 
 - 1
Native Ceramic Neutral Vessel Hand Painted Glaszed Figure Makers Mark - Designer Unique Finds 
 - 1
Abstract Folk Art Sculpture Aluminum Portrait Bust - Designer Unique Finds 
 - 3
Abstract Thinker Folk Art Terracotta Sculpture On Natural Wood
Albert Earl Gilbert Bald Eagle Mid Century Signed Lithograph - Designer Unique Finds 
 - 3
Aline Thistlewthwaite Newport Produce Village Market Signed Watercolor - Designer Unique Finds 
 - 2
Sale American Ceramic Vessel Geometric Glaze Marked 367 USA