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Zilpla 90 Silver Plated Figurative Humidor Tobacco Box

Zilpla 90 Silver Plated Figurative Humidor Tobacco Box

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This silver plated detailed, raised figurative box is super gorgeous representing a bar scene, with violin player, people, table and pitchers. The base is marked in etch Zilpla 90 carries symbol of whale or fish. Most likely Dutch origin. The interior is a humidor wood and the base is of heavy duty leather like black textile. The shape is square, and the condition is excellent with sign of aging. Flip top design. Incredibly decorated all four sections including the top. The item is described to the best of our knowledge. Please review the closeups for more detailing. 

Dimensions: 1.75" H. x 4" Square, slightly footed about 1mm. Mark is on the edge. 


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