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Robert E Eddy California French Gulch

nazanin katouzian California Artist French Gulch Original Frame Robert E Eddy Watercolor Painting

We were privileged to receive an e-mail and few follow ups from the artist daughter, whom happened to view our website and saw her father's incredible watercolor French Gulch.

 Robert E. Eddy, " Bob Eddy" 1908-2008 , began his career in 1928 as a theatrical poster artist at the Lyceum Theater and then at the Eastman Theater in Rochester New York after graduating from the mechanics institute at the University of Rochester. His future employment came with notable advertising agencies on the East Coast and the West Coast and as a member of the National Society of Art Directors. He worked on many well known accounts. He designed a series of " fine art" posters for the California Wine industry in San Francisco. They were executed by his good friend Amado Gonzales. He designed the wine tasting room in Monterrey for Bargetto Wines of Santa Cruz and also designed the labels for their fruit wines. His artistic talents were varied and sought after. As a avid fly fisherman, his paintings of rivers and the fish they were famous for, became a focus for many years and were presented at Fishing Conclaves. One being in Yellowstone where Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter took one of his painting to their home in 1981. Mr. Eddy is prominent listed well known in Santa Cruz California his final residence. Robert E. Eddy, the late 20th Century artist, uses Striking colors! His life was always an adventure, and his paintings were subjects of the places inspired him through his life. He liked fishing, and at his family gathering, he always carried his easel and paints. The Painting French Gulch is closed to his favorite subjects (fly fishing-rivers-nature). I wish his family especially Christine , his precious daughter the best, grateful to know and receive his bio.

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