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Anita Klebanoff Inspiring Artist Winter I

nazanin katouzian Anita Klebanoff Drawing & Watercolor Love Winter Trees

Anita Klebanoff

Anita Klebanoff is an artist's artist. her skill and proficiency is masterful. weather it's etching a metal plate, carving wood for a wood cut, engraving, mixing oils, or applying watercolor. there is a little that she has not done in a career that has spanned more than thirty years. she was born in London. she received education @ The Art School of London for drawing and painting. Chauinard in Los Angeles , USC and UCLA art school for print making. Santa Barbara, and Florence, Italy for paper making arts. Anita's accomplishment in music and plays in a local chamber orchestra in her community is statement to her diverse talent. 

"Anita's inspiration comes from external experiences like looking at artwork by great artists, present & past, as she indicated" . 

she responses to emotion, nature, music, or poetry. the technique she uses to create a masterful etching, and illustration. Limitless colors and experimentation is the Unique Way to express her masterful arts. 

Anita has had multiple exhibits in Savage Gallery, London- Cumley - Cazlet Gallery, London-Pierre Houtot, Paris - Comsky Gallery , Beverly Hills - Talisman Gallery , Laguna Beach. 

She is one of my favorite Artist of 20th Century . 

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