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Persian Khatam Kari Vintage Arts And Crafts

nazanin katouzian jewelry box khatam art & frame khatam pen case Persian Khatam Vintage & Antique Persian Arts wood

Khatam kari,  method is decorating the surface of wood, bone & metal pieces in geometric shape.  made with delicate pieces of wood , version of marquetry art forms.  created by Persian artists in Capital of Khatam, Isfahan, Iran, formerly (Persia). The art of crafting with common materials in the construction of inlaid wood articles, gold, silver, brass & aluminum, also twisted wire. 

the design & construction of inlaid, highly elaborated process in each cubic centimeter, of inlaid works up to about 250 pieces of metal, bone & other delicate material, on different kind of woods laid side by side glued together in stages. Often smooth, oiled and polished , sometimes rough inlaid. in Safavid era, artist created significant art work. the woods used were betel, walnut, cypress and pine. 

in this note, we show Khatam Boxes, and we have displayed pen box, frame and other objects made of Khatam. Crafted often with outdoor scene, folk , figures, hand painted in bold and beautiful colors, glazed to preserve the originality. 

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