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The Pickard China Company

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Founded in 1895 in Chicago, Illinois , The Pickard China Company. A decorating studio Originally, importing china blanks from European manufacturers. Many of the early pieces bear the name of those companies as well as Pickard's. Trained artists decorated the wares with hand painted studies of fruits, flowers, birds, and scenes. They often signed their work, but not always. In 1915 Pickard introduced a line of 24 Karat gold over and dainty floral etched ground design. In the 1930's they began to experiment, with the idea of making their own ware and by 1938 " which will be the subject of our discussion", they succeeded in develop of formula for fine translucent china. Since 1976, they have issued an annual limited edition Christmas Plate. They are now located in Antioch, Illinois. 

The company has used various marks. The earliest (1893 to 1894) was a double circle mark, Edgerton Hand Painted, with Pickard in the center. Until 1915 variation of double circle marks, with hand painted china replaced Edgerton, so the collector's identifies the manufacture and dates. Later marks included the crown marks , Pickard on a gold maple leaf, and the current mark, (subject to our features) The Lion & Shield. (For more information we recommend to check Collector's Encyclopedia of Pickard China by Alan B. Reed. The Key is all over Gold, with registered trade mark. We featured, collection of Pickard all over gold china Vases & Bon Bon Dish, where you can find them from our

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