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History of Decorative Globes

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A Spherical map of the earth or astronomical globe ranging in size from novelty pocket globe to larger library globes. First used to aid navigation. The oldest known terrestrial globe was made in 1492 by the German Martin Behaim. Globes made in ancient time,  of copper, brass or silver. In Europe they were made of Papier Mache' sphere and plaster. In the 20th Century cartographic images can be directly onto spheres without using gores. Important makers includes John Moxon, Dudley Adams, Charles Schmalcalder and John Senex. Globes were part of furnishings of private libraries and are still universal. School rooms equipment. 

Characteristics. A cast metal half meridian ring which run down the sides, pole to pole. A date on the cartouche, the shield or scroll that list the maker.

Featured image has Replogle name on the cartouche. Desirable in globe depending size and condition. Horizon ring is something to look for in the vintage globe. The uniqueness of the stand is also important. The featured globe has cast metal tripod modernistic stand. features vintage and modern globes & maps. 

Source: Various Literatures. 

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