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Liberty Blue Historic Colonial Ceramic Set Made In England

$ 120.00 $ 140.00
The blue is magnificent, meaningful, historic transferred over six pieces of antique tea accessories. Two small large Creamers, Two covered sugar bowls, for candies, tea bags, etc. The scenes are spectacular, romantic, historic, equestrian, floral, figurative, patriot, also descriptive castle scenes. "They are Decor To Discover " excellent condition. The creamer is 4" x 5" with stamps, marks, incised, which is merely covered by Liberty Blue Historic Colonial Scenes, Eagle,  Lafayette Landing At West Point Made in England. The larger Sugar Bowl is 5" x 5" overall, with patriotic marks of Liberty Blue Historic Colonial Scenes Eagle , Betsy Ross Made in England, numbered 13-5 and focal point is "The gorgeous Flag " , figurative ,conversational, patriot. The smaller creamer apparent to have some sort of marking, although is vanished throughout the years in use. is 4.5" x 2.5" inspiring Nothingham Castle and Ludlow Castle scripted on the lower right and left with small figure, river and boat. incredibly conversational. And the smaller lidded sugar bowl also inspiring ludlow & Nothigham castles on each sides, with descriptive transfer on the lid measuring 3" x 4.5" . All in fabulous aged condition, without chip or imperfections, only signs of Aging. They are a real Deal. Kitchen, Cabinet, Table Decor. Conversation Pieces, Patriot, Historical. All made in England.

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