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Apolotype Photograph Daguerreotype Double Case Gutta Percha Woman Portrait

$ 200.00
it's unique, antique, from about 1800's Daguerrotype case, likely Civil War movements, featuring dual window picture of a sitting woman inside. Gutta - Percha composition case. Embossed velvet, floral design historic miniature apolotype portrait. nested in dual intricate gold decorated frames, under secured glass. A book style,  doble case, surrounds paper mache embossed wood frames. She must be a prominent member of society, since wearing a gold long necklace/ pendant, gold earrings, stylish hair , lavish embellished outfit. Very likely hand colored on the photo, embossed jewelries, a seated woman with ring on her pointed finger, white collar & sleeves, rosy cheek. beautiful gold and red border exterior dramatic gold surroundings. Classic , inspirational, bold red crest. approximate measuring 4" x 3.5" x 1" its detached, flap closure needle. heavy for the size, excellent & aged, with normal wear for being over 100 years of age.

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