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Asian Blue White Ceramic Figures Signature Sculptures Tall Characters

$ 125.00 $ 225.00

They are attractive pair. A male and female characters in blue and white, with signatures. Signifies Asian, mainly by the looks could be Chinese. The blue inspires, transferred dragons, Chinese, or Asian characters, such as Flowers, they both are carrying sticks, or may be folded fans. clouds, scrolls, hats, with visible rounded buttons on both outfits, The female is standing over blue foo dog platform with geometric, clouds and birds. They both have long braided hairs and dragons throughout. Close up images, will identify the signatures incised on the bases. We are unable to verify or to claim as vintage items, including the origins.  Classify as decorative Asian arts. They are in Excellent condition, with signs of aging. 

Dimensions : Female 15" Tall - 4" Wide - 3" D. 

Male: 18" Tall - 6" Wide - 5" D. 

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