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Asian Porcelain Bowl Hand Painted Gilt Decorated Metal Rim White Enamel Tree Base

$ 135.00

This gorgeous bowl has incredible color contrasting the terracotta, blue and white and gold creates drama. topped with metal rim to the edge makes it unique and scrumptious. Center interior is painted in gilt and terracotta one of the most beautiful display of a bird, mainly phoenix. surrounds with Asian motif design of soft green & yellow enamel wares. The flowers are eye popping. You can experience mix of few elements in this uniqueness. The exterior of the bowl to the waist and down notable figurative object in detailing following deep blue & white wavy decorative motif. The base is raised a few and has a symbol of enameled white Flower Tree, likely blooming cottons. This bowl is in excellent condition, with unknown origin or date. Stand is a display of decor. 

The Dimensions: 5.25" from the very top to the very bottom. End base is 4" in diameter, and Width is 8.75" in diameter.  

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