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Aviator Retro Sunglasses W Mesh Protectors Acrylic Frame

$ 120.00
Very likely from post World War II, this charming Aviator sunglasses. As it has been around for number of years. It has mesh protectors on the sides, on acrylic frame. The item is gently used, aged, overall very good w not so visible  scratches. Appears to be all in tact. The mesh protectors on the sides, makes it unique, however, isn't removable. It has several marks, numbers, data,  mainly  considered an aviator or motorcyclist accessory, functional. lens has colored marking indicates P1.2H, on the sides. It's quite unique and something to think about . 5.5" across x 5.75 sides. 
The Plus mark on the sides, could be from (Swiss) or Switzerland, unconfirmed... very likely pertains to post world war II.

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