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Buescher True Tone Aristocrat Elkhart Ind US Brass Saxophone

$ 450.00 $ 695.00
A Buescher Aristocrat Elkhart Ind. (Indiana) U.S.A., antique brass saxophone, striking floral engraving, incise marks, numbers, symbols, Mother of pearl touch keys, Bakelite accents, white plastic mouth piece all marked. strap, accessories located in a tan leather, wood, case with handle, with velvet lining, distressed metal tag. overall in very good aged condition, unpracticed. 24" long, 10" length, 5" h. Buescher True Tone Elkhart IND. U.S.A. 841610, 140 BUESCHER TRUE TONE REG U.S. PAT.OFF. It's also being called wood wind.

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