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Washington Davis Camp Fire Chats of The Civil War Illustrated Book

$ 180.00

Rare to Find, Illustrated, black & white, by Washington Davis author of Camp-Fire Chats of The Civil War. A historic events with green textile hard copy, from 1889. In primitive, distressed, aged condition, loose jacket, yellowish, faded. inscribed in details, being the incident adventure and wayside of the BIVOUAC and Battlefield. As related by Veteran Soldiers Themselves. Embracing the Tragedy, Romance, Comedy, Humor and Pathos in the varied experiences of Army life. A History of the grand army of Republic from the beginning to the present date and other valuable information by A Comrade Boston BB Russ II 1889. 

contains 420 pages with fabulous illustrations , from Jan. 1887 

8" H x 6" W. x 1.75" D. 

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