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G Borelli Signed Chromatography Art Paris Champs Elysee

$ 145.00

Artistic Reproduction. Chromolithography  commercially produced color lithography from the second half of 19th century. Similar to lithography, the outline of the image, would be chalked on to printer's stone, and then the colors applied by any of the lithographic techniques, normally grease, crayon, and printed. A Separate stone is essential for each colors. G. Borelli or (Guido Borelli  born 1952, active, lives in Italy. "Ask Art" reference.  Borelli, is Showcasing Paris city view, out door restaurant Cafe in spectacular colors and texture on Gold.. The condition is excellent, secured with glass.  textile taffeta mat, golden brass border, in beautiful gold, silver leaf wood frame, label verso. Artist had his first exhibition at age 17. His paintings can be found in reputable galleries. Signature is on the lower left in black script. 

Overall dimension : 10.5" x 12"  &  Art: 4" x 5" with 2.5" mat. 

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