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Black Swan VS Sarco California Horse Race Glen Thomas Illustration

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Black Swan Vs Sarco, California most famous horse race occurred on March 21 1852 when black swan owned by Jose Sepulveda. Beat Sarco, owned by ex-Governor Pio Pico and Teodosio Yorba in a nine mile race by 75 Yards. 

Scripted from County Cameos A Portfolio of Pictorial Vignettes of Orange County's Exuberant Past 1976-1909. The portrait print inspires , Illustrated, and copy signed by Thomas W. Glenn, commissioned by Irvine Company in 1969, scripted, printed on the pictures. The print has incredible colors and historic theme. In excellent condition, with sort of textured paper with three printed scripts, title, and date. All noted on the  images. From plate no 4..

Colophon from the Original series of watercolors by Glen W. Thomas as commissioned by The Irvine Company , concept by Wilbur Smith Historical Research by Jim Sleeper Reproduction by Lithographic Arts. 

dimensions: 11.5" x 17.5". 

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