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Elesva Delfts Hand Painted Made In Holland Dutch Windmill Ashtray Set

$ 280.00

Attractive, collectible, decorative, blue delfts vintage, set of 6 pieces  including three metal spoons. Origin, Holland, Dutch windmill, hand painted, beautifully decorated for table or wall.  Blue stamps & impressed marks. Numbered, ornamental pewter accents. The set includes 3 spoons, on porcelain windmill holder wall hanging. Blue & white, floral, relief, movable metal windmill, a match holder, in 2.5" diam, an ashtray of 5" d.  Aged, excellent, signs of aging, a bit crazing, not shown on the images condition. Marking indicates: Elesva Delft polychrome hand painted Made in Holland (signed) 721. Ashtray :Delft , crown no 08. Jar: Elesva 801 Delfts - Blauw.. each spoon has Elesva mark print incised. Each pieces has stamp markings in blue.  Spoons are topped with Dutch Shoes in porcelain blue and white.

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