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Xi Shi Chinoiserie Porcelain Tiles Hand Painted Stamped Scripted Calligraphy

$ 1,000.00

According to the legends of China, Xi Shi was  one of the renowned four beauties of ancient China. A portrait of two beautiful Chinese female, basket in hand , in sitting and standing positioning. Painted by hand on white porcelain tiles, sets in beautiful design, and stunning colors. Impressionist art, with artist calligraphy , stamped, in black & red, signed. There are 24 tiles in total. Each row 3 tiles,  4" in diameter, mounted perfectly over secured wood. Labeled on the very lower left end, verso, Made in Taiwan Republic of China, stock number. Completes, black wood frame, and a decorative hanging hardware. The tiles, showcasing outdoor botanical,  green trees floral, figures, and stunning  glazed. Excellent condition, with sign of aging. 

Scripted translation refers to: Xi Shi washes sand and stone every day and climbs high. Fang Si kills people and leaves Gusu. No one likes final piety and peaches and plums. . Ding Jizhen's beautiful jade key ring 

Dimensions: 1" D. x 35" H.  x 24" W. 

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