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Saint Louis France Remy Martin Hand Made Crystal Decanter Red Leather Mirrored Case

$ 850.00

Super attractive crystal decanter, is beautifully hand crafted, by Saint Louis in France for Louis Xlll de Remy Martin. The empty bottle of Grande Champagne Cognac exclusive nested in gorgeous red leather case, with black textile interior and mirror geometric design textured wall, opens in magnetic style, with silver button and rectangle lever. The interior box is nested inside a red leather case with handle, embossed scripted gold Fleur d' Elis symbols. The stopper is of crystal and attached to the wall of interior box on the mirror wall. The condition is immaculate. Modern, stylish and decorative. The outer box is quite functional to display jewelries, crystal vases, sculpture etc... The overall weight is about 12 Lbs. not  included packaging and boxing weights. There is a booklet nested inside to the right of interior box in exquisite language defining in France & English. 

The dimension of The box is 12" H. x 10.5" W. x 6" D. When The drawer is wide open on the interior box is 17" W. The bottle is 8" Tall and stopper is 4" (overall 11" ) H. All Scripted numbered and quite pleasant for decoration and collector's. 

overall dimensions: The Outer Case is 12" H. x 10.5" W. x 6" D.

Inner case opens up to 17" Wide, and The bottle not including the stopper is 8". Stopper is 4" and together 11" Tall.

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