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Haji Mosavvar Olmolki Signed Miniature Painting Scripted Provenance

Haji Mosavvar Olmolki Signed Miniature Painting Scripted Provenance

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A handwritten provenance, on the back of this exquisite Art, scripted by hand in red ink, noted that it came from Persia prior to 1944. A Persian Miniature Painting, stuns art lovers around the world, beyond imagination, amazes collectors, and tasteful people. Uniqueness in signature, to the left a turban face portrait, signature of Haji Mosavvar Olmolki, or Mohammad Hossein Mosavvar Ol Molki (1889-1977). Workmanship , fine etching,  presumed to be a miniature. Inspires, outdoor, villager, animals cow, sheep, trees, donkey and horses. Breath taking in gilt ornamentation on the border, impressive colors, that impose limits to imagination.  Generally in good condition, with issues, minor age wear, a  hairline on the right corner, an inch from the top, all the way to the end. Corner to the right might have a loss of paint or artist's workmanship. 8.5" square, original frame, in gilt and copper tone, with green accent. all noted on the images. for sure an investment in art and history. Believe to be a museum art and Artist has record on reputable auction houses. 

Please review all the images highlighted, and description. The art is not covered in glass (Miniature isn't covered in glass. They could be protected in Acrylic Box. 

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