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F Ranzini Rio De Janeiro Afranio Piexoto Portuguese Illustrated English Book

$ 400.00
Book of Rio De Janeiro, over 80 copy signed colored prints, Illustration, by authors Flisberto Ranzini, Afranio Piexoto in cooperation. Historic, amazing scenery, showcasing Rio De Janeiro, in colors. Inscribed in Portuguese and English. Felisberto Ranzini, illustrator,designer (Italy August 1881-Sao Paolo August 22, 1976), was a teacher, professor of composition Decorative Da Escola Politecnica, aquarellist and designer. he received honors in the 9th Lounge Paulista de Belas Artes, became a Chief Designer after his death in 1920. He thought about 30 years,worked in the office Ramos De Azevedo of Forthy two years. 13" x 9" x 2" aged, imperfect hard cover, detached spine, cuts in half gold embossed. slightly browning pages. "Prints are in excellent condition". This is considered as A Museum Quality book" and presumably unique.  It's heavy and fabulous! Each of these prints would make an incredible wall art. 

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