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Staffordshire Style English Spaniels Cavalier Comforter Dogs

Staffordshire Style English Spaniels Cavalier Comforter Dogs

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They are adorable pair. Staffordshire style English Spaniels "Comfort Dogs" , large figure of eathenware , spaniel supposedly made for fireplace ornaments in the 19th century, and purchased to remedy the loneliness , Beautifully hand painted over white bisque, black dots and maroon bows over their necks... they are in fabulous aged excellent condition. No appearance of any kind of abuse, crack, or chip. can't identify crazing, maker or age of productions. if any,  it consistent with age. presumably work of England potter, and usually in vintage era, hand painted by students and children. Very likely Victorian era, guards for the mantles or windows. they are unique, with remarkable color contrast and highly decorative. tall & short facing front and sides. they are quiet, and sweet to sit on your side or cocktail table. 

measuring : about 10.5 and 9" tall , 5.5" and 7" base diameter (did i mention incredible glaze) ? fairly heavy with protective felt dots on their bases. It is numbered "20" on the small one in etch. however the etch mark or number on the taller one is difficult to identify. 

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