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The Book of Common Prayer Hymnal Circa 1868 Leather Sleeve Cover

$ 80.00
First Page inscribes Hymnal " According to the Book of The Protestant Opiscopal Church in the United States of America reversed Edition New York Pott. Young & Co. Cooper Union, Forth Avenue 1876. Also The Book of Common Prayer And Administration of The Sacraments; And Other Rites and Ceremonies of The Church According to The Use of The Protestant Episcopal Church in The United States of America Together with The Psalter Or Psalms of David Printed for The New York Bible and Common Prayers Book Society Messers, Eyre And Spottiswoode, London Circa August 10, 1868. The books are in set leather bounds in black sleeve cover, emboss gold. Aged, Distressed, perfect intact pages, white not browning. Miniature compact with 4" x 3" x 1". Printed in London for The New York Bible and Common Prayer Book Society, by Messers. First Eyre Spottiswoode.

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