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Commemorative & Souvenir Wares

nazanin katouzian Collectibles Decor Paper Portrait of Victoria & Albert Royal Encased Glass Paperweight souvenir Vintage

19th century was a century of progress, historic and social events faithfully recorded in the popular glass of the period specifically in The United Kingdom. Each new types of glass that came along used on commemorative  ware along with new decorative techniques involving photography and transfer painting. Lettered and often dated examples were also made in the U.S.A. , throughout continental Europe and Scandinavia. These Souvenirs are well traveled but they are easy to identify even if only from the language, place, person, or event depicted. European Flea Markets are interesting places to find significant weights to any collection of this type, as well as . 

Pressed glass paperweights with photographic view of Victoria & Albert 

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