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Uniquely Found — giltware

the art of plaster work

nazanin katouzian bust decor design french giltware multi colored museum plaster plaster work roman sculpture torso

the art of plaster work

the ultimate compliments to the plaster work , by professional plaster makers, creation of  a smooth rough looking, chubby busts, torsos, cherubs , in gold, multi-colored or black, with garlands. graceful characteristic look, ribbons crowning. gooey swirl of plaster with chisel crisp coat of arms and sheaves of wheat are puffed up in high relief. they are decorative, inspirational, beautiful and eclectic. viewers entertain their eyes, soul while thinking of a big picture. often we see plaster work for the first time in historic houses,  now a day Artisans makes impressions of antique plasterwork in grand houses, inspiring their talents visiting...

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